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Catholic Charities: RIS - The Refugees' Journey to Northeast Wisconsin

Refugees' Journey to Northeast Wisconsin

Refugee Flees Homeland

United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees
Repatriation (as the situation permits)
Nationalization (stay in country they fled to)
Third Country Resettlement (less than 1% of refugee population)

U.S. Department of State/CIS (the former INS)
Conduct interviews at Migration Processing Center with refugee to determine resettlement eligibility

Allocation to one of the Domestic Resettlement Agencies (The "Sponsor")
Eg., Migration & Refugee Services, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (MRS/USCCB)

Allocation to Local Affiliate Agency
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Green Bay, Resettlement & Immigration Services

Refugee Notified of Resettlement Site in the U.S. Assigned to the International Organization for Migration
Refugees prepare to enter last stage of processing before they depart. Medical exams, orientation, security background checks & travel arrangements.

Processing Completed
Flight booked. Green Bay office notified of date & place of arrival.

Local Arrival Preparation
Resettlement planning with relatives (if any live in area)
Assigns volunteers to the refugees.
Arrangements made for apartment, furniture, food for family or alternative temporary housing.

Refugee Family Arrives
Case Manager/Interpreter, and or relatives/ volunteers greet refugee family at airport. Bring to apartment. Begin providing Core Services.

Reception & Placement
Core Services provided by local affiliate agency for 90 days after arrival. Provide basic needs support including:
First 30 days: safe & sanitary housing, furnishings, food or food allowance, necessary clothing, appropiate referrals for additional services, apply for social security cards, help register children in school, transportation to job interviews & job training.
First 90 days: Community & other orientations; Health-orientations & referrals; Follow-up on serious health issues; Employment orientation & referrals; Employment & continuing assistance; Communication with state & local authorities; Assistance to minor children considered unaccompanied; Coordination & consultation with public agencies; Monitoring; Loan collection.

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