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Catholic Charities - Adoption Services

Who Do We Serve? Post Placement Services International Adoption Home Study Services
Types of Adoption Services What is a Home Study? Domestic Infant & Independent Open Adoption Services
Pregnancy Counseling Services Stepparent Adoption Services How to Reach Us... Adoption Records Search Services

Who Do We Serve?

Entwined HandsCatholic Charities serves children, adolescents, adults, couples and families of any religious background, race or nationality residing in Northeast Wisconsin. We have been helping birth parents and adoptive families for over 80 years. We are dedicated to working with birth parents and prospective adoptive families to assure that the best plan is made for a child, who is central to the adoptive process.

Catholic Charities Adoption Services promote Open Adoption. It is our philosophy that full openness is ideal between and among birth and adoptive families. It is the professional responsibility of the agency to educate birth and adoptive parents about the benefits of Open Adoption.

Types of Adoption Services

Catholic Charities Adoption Services promote Open Adoption. It is our philosophy that full openness is ideal between and among birth parents and prospective adoptive parents. Catholic Charities offers several types of Adoption Services that include:

Domestic Infant & Independent Open Adoption Services

Blue Tennis ShoesDomestic Infant and Independent Adoption Services are very similar in that both types of adoption allow birth and adoptive parents to create an open adoption plan that is in the best interest of children and the families involved. Such services are offered throughout the Diocese of Green Bay Inc. and the State of Wisconsin. The primary difference between Domestic Infant Open Adoption and Independent Open Adoption is that with Domestic Infant the adoptive couple and birth parents are brought together through the agency. With Domestic Infant we ask that our couples provide our agency with a profile of your family to share with birth parents that connect with us for services. In Independent Adoption, birth and adoptive parents connect with each other on their own accord thus seeking agency assistance on a later date.

All adoptive families must complete the required home study, background & medical clearances, foster home licensing as well as agency requirements as part of the adoption process. We will discuss with you all the options, prepare you for parenting an adoptive child, guide you through the legal adoption process and provide services after a child has come to live with you. We will also offer guidelines for how you might maintain a lifelong relationship with birth parents.

Orientation Meeting Invite (for Sept 26, 2007)

Stepparent Adoption Services

Stepparent adoption is a formal way to legalize the special bond a stepparent shares with their child. At Catholic Charities we are committed to helping custodial and petitioning stepparent's best accomplish their goal of assuring a child's security within their home legally through stepparent adoption.

We provide the required screening service that includes background clearances, medical assessment, review of financial status, verification of employment and reference checks. A face to face meeting also takes place as part of this service wherein social history is shared, educational and support elements discussed to best assist children and families throughout and after the adoption process is completed.

Catholic Charities will provide information and referrals for attorneys that assist in scheduling the court hearing and completing the legal steps involved in stepparent adoption. The agency is responsible for finishing and providing a court report to the presiding Judge and attorneys involved in the case.

Post support services are also available for families following the completion of the adoption.

International Adoption Home Study Services

Parents and AdopteeCatholic Charities also offers Home Study Services to couples interested in International Adoption.

Couple must complete the required home study investigation process on behalf of a licensed child placing agency in order to accomplish their goals of adopting a child(ren) internationally. Many of the International Adoption Agencies that work with specific countries are located outside of Wisconsin; therefore having a local agency complete the Home Study may be more cost effective for the adoptive family.

We are also committed to helping you select the best program and agency for you and your family. Referral information as well as support with others that have adopted internationally is also available.

What is a Home Study?

A Home Study is a comprehensive assessment of the couple as individuals and as a family. This process generally consists of 3-4 meetings in the office with a counselor and at least one home visit to complete the safety inspection of your home. We require the following information to complete a home study:

  • Background Investigative Checks
  • Medical Clearance from a Health Care Provider
  • Autobiographical information on both Mother and Father
  • Financial Information and Employment History
  • Post Placement Services Agreement

Post Placement Services

Our post placement services include:

  • In-home Consultation & Support
  • Background Investigations
  • Medical Screening Requests
  • Referral Information
  • Support Groups
  • Post Placement Reports to Collaborating Agencies or Countries
  • Supervision for at Least 6 Months unless other requirements exist per the country or collaborating agency

Pregnancy Counseling Services

At the core of our services to families and children have been our pregnancy support services. We assist birth parents that are facing unplanned pregnancies by helping them reach a well thought out, value-based decision for themselves and their baby.

What services does Catholic Charities offer?

Catholic Charities offers supportive services to individuals and families affected by an unplanned pregnancy. These services include:

  • Family, relationship and individual counseling
  • Education, including parenting, life style, nutrition
  • Information and referral to community resources
  • Information on adoption resources should the decision to create an adoption plan be made

Adoption Records Search Services

Catholic Charities also offers Adoption Records Search in collaboration with the Wisconsin Adoption Records Search Program located in Madison, Wisconsin.

The primary purpose of the Adoption Records Search Law is to help persons who have been adopted or whose birth parent(s) have terminated their parental rights to obtain information about themselves and their birth relatives. This information includes:

  • Non-identifying social history information presently contained in the agency file
  • Medical and genetic information about birth parent(s) and members of their families, including routine health information and any known hereditary or degenerative disease
  • Most recent names and addresses of birth parent(s) in the files of the Department of Health and Family Services when affidavit(s) are on file or obtained.
  • A copy of the impounded birth certificate. (The birth certificate on record prior to the time of adoption.)

Catholic Charities can provide Adoption Records Search Services to any adoptee having been adopted through Catholic Charities. Referral information is also available to persons whose adoption occurred through another agency.

How to Reach Us…

For additional information about the Adoption Services provided by our agency or our Pregnancy Counseling and Parenting Support Services, or to set up an appointment to speak with a counselor please call Catholic Charities at:

  • The Green Bay Diocese
    • (920) 437-7531 ext.8234
  • Or Call Us Toll Free at:
    • 1-877-500-3580 ext. 8234
  • Or E-mail the Adoption Services Coordinator:
  • Or E-mail the Parenting Services Coordinator:

Catholic Charities is funded by:

  • The Bishops Appeal
  • United Way
  • And by Government grants and private contributions.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Green Bay, Inc. is affiliated with Catholic Charities, USA.

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